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the danish dog – our casper dog and bun loaded with our home made ketchup, spicy mustard remoulade, chopped onions, fried onions and topped with thinly sliced sweet dill pickles    5.95

Sund banan og chokolade shake – Danish for “healthy shake” with frozen bananas, chocolate powder and date syrup blended with dreyer’s vanilla bean ice cream   5.25


make it dairy free with coco-bliss “ice cream” 6.25

About call in orders……

We want to explain why we don’t do call in orders.   While it isn’t a popular choice with some people and not understood, we do have reasons for it.  We have explained the reasons in various Facebook posts and emails, but also want to offer an explanation on our website.

We are not trying to annoy people, we are not trying to be difficult, we are just trying to do the best we can.  We do know that we don’t please everyone all of the time, but we do try our best to please our customers.

Here are a few reasons that we do not do call in orders.

1.    Our grill is too small.  The size of our grill can just keep up with the customers that are in our space waiting for their order.  We do wish that we had put in a larger kitchen at the time of our remodel, but that would have entailed trying to procure the space next to ours and also we honestly did not expect the overwhelmingly positive response to our new business.

2.   We don’t want food sitting and waiting for people to come and pick it up.

3.   As many people have pointed out, we have a lot of employees in a small space.  That being said, if we were to add call in orders, we would have to have an additional employee to take the telephone calls as well as an additional, dedicated POS terminal to place the orders.  As most people are aware, our space is very small and every inch of it is spoken for.   There is no room to put a dedicated POS terminal for call in orders.

4.  Also, since our space is so small, there is no place to put the orders that would be waiting to be picked up.

5.  When we first opened, we actually did do call in orders.  The people who were in line,  waiting, were not happy when the phone rang and they had to wait while the cashier took the order of the person on the phone.  Then when the person ordering came in, they had to wait in a huge line to pay for their order, or they actually went up to the pick up window and took their food without paying because they didn’t want to wait in the line.

So, for the above reasons and others, we have decided not to do call in orders at this location at this time.  We have weighed the pros and cons, and feel we are doing the best we can for our customers.  We have heard many suggestions and have really investigated it, but feel that for our specific logistical situation, that it is best to not do call in orders.  We really do apologize for any inconvenience this causes people.    We do sincerely appreciate everyone’s business and hope to see you all when you can make it in!!


George and Suzie


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